Conference dates
28 - 30 November, 2023
Notification of acceptance
10 November, 2023
Full paper submission deadline
10 October, 2023

About BTSUD 2023

Dear colleagues,

You are invited to participate in the International Scientific Conference BTSUD-2023 «Business Technologies for Sustainable Urban Development».

BTSUD is a sequential conference organized by Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University,  Russia and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand, which annually hosts international scientific conferences on various topics and areas.

This year the co-organizer of the conference is Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Institute of Economics, Management and Communication in Construction and Real Estate (Russia).

The objective of the conference is to strengthen academic relations with leading scientists of the world and to exchange the latest scientific achievements in the field of Business Technologies for Sustainable Urban Development.

The conference activity will be heldwithin 10 Workshops.


Innovative Projects in Municipal Facilities and Urban Development

The state services sector, includingmunicipal facilities and urban development, is a complicated branch, which cannot easily adopt any of new technologies. However, it is vitally important to introduce and apply newest technological approaches in municipal management. This workshop aims to present both product and process innovations in municipal facilities and urban development. Product innovations include projects of implementing eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies. Process innovations, among other issues, include innovations in organization and management of the structure ofmunicipal facilities and of urban development. Process innovations also comprise implementing of IT systems, improvement of standing orders, rules and codes, modifying of tariff regulation system and so on.

Workshop 2

Municipal Facilities Management

Municipal Facilities are the basement of urban economics, being the key aspect of economic growth and providing socio-economic and ecological stability of a city. One of the main intentions of municipal authorities is a well-designed city environment, which is intended to invite funds and investments into the city. The workshop aims to promote new solutions in the urban economy, introduce new scientific and technical researches in municipal development sphere and present innovative ideas of creating appropriate conditions for municipal housing, municipal engineering and city infrastructure.

Workshop 3

Modeling and Planningin Sustainable Urban Development

Effective urban planning is one of the key aspects of sustainable development of modern city environment. Elaborate urban plan based on analytical models and information systems forurban planning and modeling compile one of basic conditions for providing high social and economic living standards. The workshop therefore aims to think over approaches of analyzing, modeling and planning in urban development, to consider evaluation methods for project efficiency and to review the practical examples of implementing modern urban development solutions.


Human Resource Management inMunicipal Facilities and Urban Development

Human resources management helps to work out planning and stabilization of a company-resourcing taking into account its operational and strategic objectives. HR analysis with the use of statistical tools and methods enables to predict how changes in staff affect the activity effectiveness of a company and its operating surplus. Companies implicating innovative and modern approaches in HR management are more competitive in the local or global market. This workshop is focused on HR management problems in Municipal Facilities and Urban Development considering the best practices of this area.


Financial Issues of Sustainable Development of Socio-Economic Systems

Social and economic systems at various levels including territories of municipalities are steadily developed due to complex addressing the problems of economic, ecological and social nature.Sustainable development requires effective funding with a leading role of state and municipal finances. The list of the most challenging issues connected with this area includes the effectiveness of state and municipal expenditure and methods of ensuring the inflow of decentralized finance, which conduce sustainable development. The organizers of the conference would be glad to bring together researchers and practitioners for considering and discussing the current condition of state and municipal finance, tendencies of its change and other related topics in terms of the sustainable development.

Workshop 6

Municipal Healthcare System Management

Municipal healthcare system is one of the crucial components of social stability and comfort of cities. High requirements for health services on behalf of all interested parties including patients, insurance companies and state government encourage management of medical institutions to focus on the development of the management system. Medical institutions should demonstrate both medical and economic efficiency, therefore a lot of medical organizations (including small private and large public organizations) are searching for new management approaches to provide the Municipal Healthcare System with sustainable development.

Workshop 7

Energy Efficiency in Municipal Facilities and Urban Development

Governments of most countries are concerned with energy efficiency issues. It would be to the benefit of all the interested parties if rational approaches of energy using were implemented. People would benefit from the significant utility costs reduction. Saving resources, increasing productivity and enhancing competitiveness would be favorable for a government. Reduction of the greenhouse effect and gas emissions would positively influence the environment. Energy companies would benefit from the construction and fuel costs reduction. The workshop aims to provide the opportunity to share views, ideas and experiences of implementing the best resource management practices in order to create more eco-friendly and cost-effective environment in cities.

Workshop 8

Process Reengineering and Information Systems for Urban Development

Nowadays, it is hard to picture ways to execute urban development without using modern methods of business reengineering such as business process management and information systems management. The first one ensures result-oriented business activity, the second one provides for efficient and timesaving information processing, and result in sound decision making. The workshop is dedicated to the issues about how to balance between business and IT in management systems, approaches to process reengineering and optimization, assessment methods,how to implement information systems, IT services reengineering, IT architecture development in the context of information systems and information technologies for municipal facilities and urban development empowering.

Workshop 9

Business activity management in construction under the conditions of new types of economic relations promotion.

Investment and construction activity is represented by a combination of a large number of different business entities and economic relations between them. The growth of business activity depends on the effectiveness of these relations, which should lead to an increase in satisfaction of economic interests. The main objective of the conference is a scientific discussion of current trends in both development of the construction sector and involvement of new participants in construction activities. The participants of the construction area are mainly tasked with improving the comfort of the urban environment, creating a new type of infrastructure that allows introducing the latest industrial and other technologies, creating conditions for the modernization of capital construction funds and the creation of new productive forces.

Workshop 10

Transport System Management, Transport Modeling and Transport Planning for Sustainable Development

Effective transport infrastructuredevelopmentis one of the key aspects of sustainable development of modern city environment. Elaboratetransport connectionsbased on analytical models and on information systems for transport planning and modelingcompile one of basic conditions forprovidinghigh social and economic living standards. The workshop therefore aims to think over approaches of developing, analyzing, modeling and planning of transport systems, to consider evaluation methods for transport project efficiency and to review the practical examples of implementing transportation solutions.